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A truly multidisciplinary team

The current roster

While some members of the team may be new to the game, Syntagme has a seasoned group of translators and revisors. The team is well-rounded and extremely diversified. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Since its creation in 1988, Syntagme has renewed itself periodically over the years with the ebb and flow of the economic cycle. One principle has remained constant: translators have always been selected from the most promising fledgling candidates, regardless of diplomas, and entrusted to more senior translators in-house, thus allowing them to bloom and rapidly reach their full potential. As each team member brings to the fold a specific skill set and personal interests, this makes for a solid and varied knowledge base that all can capitalize on. We firmly believe in training and nurturing future professionals.

Moreover, we could not possibly produce the truly mind-boggling quantity of work that we do, day in and day out, without our translators relying on prodigious amounts of coffee, their trusty Speechmike recorder and a team of elite typists whose speed exceeds even their professionalism. Whatever the workload or the forever crazy deadlines, our team always performs miracles.

All team members are constantly updating their skills and keeping on top of the major challenges facing the industry so that Syntagme can remain at the forefront of its field. After all, we only have one goal in mind: being the best at what we do!